Hi! My name is Adam Bartoszewicz and I have created Buena Vista Tea Club to share my passion for food and product photography. Many years of dance and choreographic experience has awakened my fondness for art, elegance, simplicity and minimalism. Every past stage of my life has inspired me to develop increasing photography interests, which has become my whole life since the first shot.

I love eating, but the possibility of taking pictures of beautiful dishes in my individual style, cooked by extraordinary Chefs is even more satisfying and rewarding. Mouth watering food deserves to be presented in a remarkable light. High quality appetizing shots can decide if a Guest chooses to visit your restaurant or buy your product in the first place.

In my work I admire simplicity, however there is also a place for refinement and discovering unique solutions and ideas. I seek to explore and extract the natural beauty of every photographed object. With all the pleasure and determination I will engage in your restaurant, hospitality or commercial project.

Is there a culinary project on your mind? I would love to hear about it and prepare a service adapted to your needs. Just send me a message!

Contact me

Tel.: +48 784 556 128